Taxi in Germany

Taxi in Germany

Germany is a developed European country, one of the top ten in terms of GDP. A country of this level simply can not but have a developed transport network. The industry of taxi transport became an exception.

Taxi in Germany is very popular and affordable. As for taxi drivers, they are always very polite, the cars are clean and tidy. Most often, for a taxi used Mercedes-Benz business-class cars, as well as BMW, Audi and Volkswagen. To distinguish a taxi from a normal car is simple – on a light beige color (light yellow or as it is also called – pale yellow). Drivers comply with the rules of the road, do not allow themselves aggressive driving and liberties.

How to book a taxi in Germany?

Depending on the city, there are different tariffs, and services are provided by different companies. Therefore, in the menu on the right, select specifically your city for more detailed information (in the mobile version, this menu is at the bottom of the site).

Basic requirements for passengers:

Adequacy. If you are drunk or in some other way show that you can not restrain yourself – the taxi driver has the right to refuse you a trip.
Dirty personal belongings, bags – are prohibited, since no one likes to spoil his car.
Smoking in the cabin is prohibited. If your things are too heavy smoked – the driver has the right to refuse to travel.
On the transport of dogs must be warned in advance – most likely, for these purposes you will arrive in advance prepared vehicle.
When transporting children, it is also necessary to agree in advance with the dispatcher – you must be provided with a car with a child seat. Such adaptations are far from every taxi driver.

Alternative ways to order a taxi

The best option would be to call the dispatcher or order a taxi through the application. However, there is an alternative option – to catch a taxi right on the street. In this case, you can “run into” anyone, so we strongly do not recommend you to “vote” off the road. It is better to call local companies, usually the car comes to anywhere in the city for 5-20 minutes.
Prices for taxis in Germany

Prices for taxis in Germany

The price policy is rather restrained and corresponds to the indicators of the standard of living in this remarkable European country. The cost varies depending on the region, car class, time of day and some other parameters. Here are the main prices depending on the city:

The most expensive tariff in the city of Nuremberg – 3 euro per kilometer
Leipzig – 2.50 euro per km
Stuttgart – EUR 2.40 per km
Hamburg – 2.35 euro per km
Düsseldorf – 2.20 euro per km
Dortmund, Hanover – 2.10 euro per km
Berlin, Essen, Bremen – 2 euro per km
Cologne – 1.90 euro per km
Munich – 1.80 euro per km
Frankfurt am Main – 1.75 euro per km

Customer reviews of the German taxi

Finding negative reviews about the German taxi is quite difficult – usually, in the event of any unpleasant situations, companies make various concessions to solve all the problems that have arisen. In many ways, this is due to the high competition in this field of business and the general punctuality of the Germans.

If you are dissatisfied with the trip, think that you have taken a larger amount than you need or you are a naughty driver – call the dispatcher to resolve the situation.