Taxi Frankfurt am Main

Taxi Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main is the fifth largest city in Germany with a population of just over 700,000 people. It has the status of a non-district city. Frankfurt is famous for its dense flow of cars, traffic jams. The basic price of the trip is 2.80 euros. The kilometer of the journey will cost 1.75 euros. There are special prices for the trip with a length of 21 kilometers. Please note that during the night hours from 22:00 to 6:00 a different price is valid: 3.30 euros base rate, 1.85 per km).

Book a taxi in Frankfurt / find out the cost

Here is an example of calculating the cost for a trip from Frankfurt Airport (50.048026, 8.571208) to the city center (50.106906, 8.682079).

The length of the route is 14.6 km, 21 minutes on the way. Exact coordinates: from Flughafen Frankfurt am Main 210, 60549 Frankfurt am Main to Schaumainkai 7, 60594 Frankfurt am Main.

Taxi Frankfurt am Main

The cost from different providers is:

MyTaxi application – 42.38 euros (usual 4-door car)
Taxi on the phone of the dispatcher * – 42,38 euros (usual 4-door car)

* Phones of dispatchers of local taxi companies:

06142 55591 – Taxi Richter, rating 5 out of 5
06134 5000609 – Taxi Muneeb, rating 5 out of 5
06172 596299 – Taxi Özdemir, rating 5 out of 5
06142 61111 – Taxi Raunheim, rating 4 out of 5
06103 52000 – Anruf-Sammel-Taxi (AST) der Stadtwerke Langen GmbH, rating 4 out of 5